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here can make this kind of wooden toy, which can even make pleasing sounds. Pushing the swallow cars while running can▓ help the children resist coldness and improve their bodily▓ constitutions.Offer sacrifices to D▓a YuWhite Dew is a time for people in the Taih▓u Lake area of East China to offer sacrifices to Da Yu, a hero who tamed floods by regulating rivers and watercourses. Besides on the first day of White Dew, people also hold sacrificial rites for Da Yu on the eighth day of the first lu▓nar month, on Tomb-sw


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eeping Day, and on the seventh day of the seventh lunar mont▓h.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wec▓hatMost Chinese

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know about Jinan even if they have not been there. Winter of Jinan, an essay written by Lao She (1899-1966), is compu▓lsory reading for high school students across the count

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ry▓. As Lao She describes it, Jinan's w▓inter is unlike those of other northern cities. It is ▓"benevolent" - warm, sunny and "with▓out the sound of wind". It is "an old city

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, with many hills and springs, asleep in warmth an▓d comfort, waiting to be awakened by spring's breeze". This "land of dreams" is where I was born and ▓grew up. Nurtured b

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y its pleasant weather, Jinan people▓ are naturally generous, hospitable, joyous, with a special enthusiasm for drinking. This capital ▓of East Ch


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ina's Shandong province is also known as the "city of springs", with 72 of them dotting the landscape. While their locations, history, and chara


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cteristics have been meticulously document▓ed, Baotu Spring is the most well kno▓wn. It ranks alongside Qianfo Hill and Daming Lake as Jinan's top

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sight. Water gushes from the three mouths of Baotu Spring all year roun▓d, feeding its people, and t

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elling its stories. Speaking of Daming Lake, besides its ▓wonderful lake scenery and Spring Festival Temple Fair, its frog population is an odd lot - they neve▓r croak. The story goes that once Qing emperor Qianlong ▓visited Daming Lake and was impressed by its beauty, marred only by the noisy frogs who distu▓rbed his sleep. The emperor ordered them to keep shut. They did - and have been doing so for generations thereafter. No one as yet come up with a sc▓ientific explanation for this unique phenomenon, and so the legend endures. Jinan is also a good place for foreigners to practice their Chinese. Th▓e local dialect shares the same pronunciation as Putonghua for almost every Chinese character, ▓but uses different tones. Hence, those st▓ill struggling with the four tones of Putonghua can easily communicate with the lo

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